1. So happy with this upgrade! #iPhone5s

  2. So happy with this upgrade! #iPhone5S (at Crossing At Pete Ellis)

  3. It was a pretty beautiful night in Indianapolis!

  4. Best spinach artichoke dip I’ve had in a long time! (at Granite City Food & Brewery - Carmel)

  5. So this happened.. #Timehop

  6. I’m extremely lucky to know someone that supports everything I do, loves me unconditionally, cooks me pretty great food, is stronger than anyone else I know, and even kicks me in the ass when I need it. That can make anyone lucky, but I feel extra special because I get to call this person mom! Happy Birthday mom! Love you!

  7. The other part of my Memorial Day. #Murica #RoommieDinner

  8. Happy Memorial Day! #Murica #RoommieDinner @carlyeruth @sarahirene2015

  9. Tristan is going into the eyeglass design business #CutestNephewEver

  10. Feeling very nostalgic tonight. Can’t believe the time has come to leave this all behind… #45Days #NextChapter

  11. This woman always has my back! Thanks for everything you do Aunt Louie! Love you!

  12. God I’m going to miss college… #TurnDownForWhat

  13. Guys…I just packed my first box. #NextChapter @sarahirene2015 @carlyeruth

  14. This knife can dish it out, but it sure can’t take it. #DeathByBrie @sarahirene2015

  15. #tbt Still kind of in denial that this happened. #IUBGrad14 #ActuallyMajorDenial #TakeMeBack