1. Last day went a lot faster than I would have liked. My now empty desk, I left it just how I found it. #NextChapter

  2. Today is my last day working for IU’s Division of Residential Programs and Services. I had no idea what kind of life changing experience this was going to be when I accepted my RA position three years ago. Working with RPS opened so many doors to me and I’ve met some of the most AMAZING people. I’ve grown so much working with the Assignments Office, personally and professionally, and when I walk out of the building this afternoon, it will definitely be a surreal experience…life won’t be the same for a while without coming to work here everyday. On to bigger things next week! #NextChapter

  3. I’m a slave to #Apple products…#AppleTV

  4. I’ve called her many things over the years…a neighbor, a friend, a roommate, my mistress…but I can definitely say that today my sister is moving away. I can’t wait to see the wonderful things you’re going to accomplish in DC @carlyeruth! Go out there, grab the world by the reins and kick some ass! Love you! #RoomieLove #NextChapter

  5. Words cannot begin to describe how hard it will be to leave this place Thursday morning. #GoodbyeBloomington #NextChapter

  6. Kentucky Bourbon Barrel ale for the win! @sarahirene2015

  7. Yeah. Sums it up.

  8. Last roommie dinner complete with Mother Bears! #NextChapter @sarahirene2015 @carlyeruth (at Mother Bear’s Pizza)

  9. Found in box from my RA days. @allysonrafanello @melissafielman @klgrab89 @el_lockhart #OhMemories

  10. Cotton candy explosion ice cream! Yes, we are 12. #Brusters #SummerNights @sarahirene2015

  11. Does your boyfriend send you Jimmy Johns for lunch all the way from Washington DC? Mine does. #HesAKeeper @guentherandrew

  12. My #MCM goes out to the amazing @guentherandrew. I won’t even judge for the real camera, mirror selfie…I mean, he cleans up pretty good 😘

  13. Shipped her back to Utah care of Delta! Thanks for coming out to see me graduate, Grandma! Love you! See you next time :)

  14. My new life motto..”When the Subway line is too long, just get Chipotle”

  15. They grow up so fast. #RoommieLove