1. Does your boyfriend send you Jimmy Johns for lunch all the way from Washington DC? Mine does. #HesAKeeper @guentherandrew

  2. My #MCM goes out to the amazing @guentherandrew. I won’t even judge for the real camera, mirror selfie…I mean, he cleans up pretty good 😘

  3. Shipped her back to Utah care of Delta! Thanks for coming out to see me graduate, Grandma! Love you! See you next time :)

  4. My new life motto..”When the Subway line is too long, just get Chipotle”

  5. They grow up so fast. #RoommieLove

  6. People may not understand this, but this wall being empty is the first time that I feel like my time in Bloomington is actually coming to an end. Goodbye inspiration wall! @carlyeruth @sarahirene2015 #NextChapter

  7. So apparently three years ago today I accepted my first student affairs position. I never could have imagined what kind of an amazing journey I would be embarking on back then. What started as a convenient way to lower the cost of college turned Into a career. 2 more weeks with RPS and then on to the next adventure! Can’t wait to see what the future holds! Shout out to @allysonrafanello for taking a chance on me ;)

  8. Happy Father’s Day to the best father around! This guy has never let me down, always has my back, and he’s my number one fan! Love you Dad! #FathersDay

  9. Not a bad view on this Saturday evening #FamilyParty #GoingAwayParty

  10. Yes. That’s what I wanted today. #AssignmentsDay #Orientation #IUB #IcingOnTheCake

  11. I need booze.

  12. Miss this boy. @guentherandrew

  13. I got to color at work today. #Orientation #IUB #StudentAffairs

  14. Safe to say he gets his looks from his uncle… #Nephew

  15. @alamb24 pulls off the country look. #CrazyEyes