1. Mom is a little too excited to see Grandma for Easter!

  2. Happy Easter everyone!

  3. Bonfire surrounded by RPS peeps and a keg of Upland Wheat. What more do I need? Congrats Dee and Melinda!

  4. Great decision for pre Jerry Seinfeld dinner! (at Bru Burger Bar)

  5. Turn down for what? #KOK

  6. These nights are the things I’ll miss the most. #32Days @sarahirene2015 @carlyeruth

  7. This is all that is on my mind… #94Days #NextChapter

  8. Back on the KOK patio where we belong! @lroetter

  9. Food! #Yum

  10. My two favorite ladies congratulating me on my new job! #LoveThem @carlyeruth @sarahirene2015

  11. Reunited! @carlyeruth #FinalStretch

  12. Basically royalty at McKendree. #JobHunt #ResLife

  13. On the way to McKendree University for an on campus interview tomorrow! #JobHunt #ResLife

  14. Breakfast office pitch in anyone? #NomNom

  15. Day one! Success! I got another interview :) #TPE2014