1. So, this amazing meal was prepared lovingly for me by @guentherandrew #Delicious #LoveHim

  2. BBQ for days! @guentherandrew (at Bandana’s BBQ - Fairview Heights, IL)

  3. Found this guy at the bus station. Now time for breakfast! @guentherandrew #LoveHim #AlsoLoveBacon (at Denny’s)

  4. This is what #Change looks like. #ObamaCare

  5. On Wednesdays, we wear pink! #ShamelessSelfie

  6. Thank god @guentherandrew is a patient human being.

  7. My #MCM goes out to the keeper of my heart. He’ll be in #STL this weekend, and I can’t wait! @guentherandrew

  8. the-irish-incendiary:


    My boyfriend Daniel (back) and I. We’re long distance, with him being 3.5 hours away from me. He’s also a master’s student and I’m a sophomore undergrad. We’ve been together almost 7 months now and we’re loving every minute of it. I honestly believe he’ll be the last man I ever love. 


    Hey look, it’s me.

    I’m making my way around the internets. 

  9. I get to see this guy in 5 days! Cannot wait to have him in St. Louis for a while! #LoveHim @guentherandrew

  10. Well…they open today….Welcome to McKendree everyone! #MoveInDay #McK

  11. Almost time for #Orientation at #McK

  12. This is why I miss Kroger. #ThankYouFuelPoints

  13. I love him enough to do outdoor stuff. Yeah, I know. (at Griffy Lake Nature Preserve)

  14. So this happened. @vamanan2388

  15. Got this guy to buy me dinner. @guentherandrew (at Mother Bear’s Pizza)